Sri Phang-Nga National Park

lies in the districts of Kuraburi and Takua Pa, about 100 kms. from Phang-Nga Town. The National park is virtually all virgin forest, filled with wild animals, and is a great place to camp, to hike, and to botanies. Among the many waterfalls in Sri Phang-Nga:

Travel to the Sri Phang-Nga
from Takua Pa Town on the Petch Kasem Highway north toward Ranong about 26 kms. At km. 756 turn right and go on another 5 kms. to the Park.

Nam Tok Tam Nang
is about 4.5 kms from the National Park Office down a road, then on foot another 500 meters.

Nam Tok Tone Sai
lies down a road that splits off on the right near the entrance booth from the road leading into the Park. It takes about 15 minutes to reach on foot.

Nam Tok Tone Ton Teui
and a smaller called Tone Ton Teui Noy lie about 3 hours distant from the Park Office.

Koh Pra Tong
This is a large island that forms part of a spectacular natural harbor in Kuraburi District. Though the island is inhabited, the forests and other aspects of nature remain largely pristine. Many difficult to find animals are in the forests; there are fine, large freshwater pools, and perfect beaches.

Visitors to the island
can take a regularly scheduled boat from the pier at Kuraburi; travel time is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Accommodations of various levels are available on the island.

Takua Thung

is an old tin mining district with a history stretching back perhaps a thousand years. In former times it was a landing point for visitors from across the Indian Ocean, and the end of the line for travelers coming across the Kra Peninsula.

Hat Tanoon
From Route 4 take the road leading to Phuket, Route 402, till you reach Pak Pra, the channel separating Phuket from Phang-nga. The beach on the Phang-nga side is called Haht Tanoon. Turtles come yearly to lay their eggs. Dangerous currents in the channel.

Nam Tok Raman
is 7 kms. down the same road as Wat Suwan Khuha. It is a medium sized year round waterfall surrounded by tangled forest.

Rat Oupatam Temple (Wat Bang Riang)
Surrounded by thickly forested hills, this temple is noted for its cool, shady environment. Inside the temple are various important Buddhist artifacts including the Phra Mahathat Chedi Buddha Dhram Banleu on the Mountain's peak. This is shaped like a bell turned upwards with a base all around. Located in Tambon Bang Riang off Petch Kasem Rd., on the stretch between Tapput and Panom, 11 km. from the Tapput District office.

Takua Pa Town
has a very long history based on tin mining, and was in former times the most important town on the west coast of Thailand. Accommodations of varying levels are available.

Hat Bang Sak
is in Tambon Bang Muang. The beach is a long strip of fine white sand shaded by casuarinas trees and there are accommodations available for a stay. To get there,: take the Petch Kasem Road (Route 4) north toward Takua Pa Town. At kilometer 76-77 a road leads down to the beach about 1 km. onward.

Khao Lak-Lamroo National Park
covers parts of Thai Muang, Kapong, Takua Pa, and Phang-nga Town (Muang in Thai) districts, and lies about 33 kms. south of Takua Pa Town on Route 4.

Khao Lak
is a mountain beside the sea with a shrine dedicated to the wizard of the mountain. Khao Lak Beach is rocky. To get there, turn left (if you are proceeding north from Phuket) at km. 56-57 of Route 4. You will spot the temple just before entering Tai Meuang district. Accommodation available.

Laem Pakarang (Coral Cape)
The waves have deposited mountains of dead coral on this sandy beach, thus accounting for its name. Pine trees line the beach; perfect for camping and relaxation. Located off Petch Kasem Rd. about 5 kms. south of Takuapa on the stretch running between Takuapa and Kao Lak.

Tone Chong Fah Waterfall
A quiet, shady area, with a waterfall and stream that runs year round. Located not far from the turn-off to Laem Pakarang on the east side of Petch Kasem Rd. about 5 kms. south of Takuapa.

Thap Put
Nam Tok Tao Thong
Lies in Tambon Bo Saen of Thap Put, about 9 kms. from the District Office in Thap Put Town. To get there use the same road that leads to Sa Nang Manora Park, the Phang-nga Krabi Rd. (Route 4), but continue towards Krabi until you reach Mu 3 of Tambon Bo Saen. You will find a gravel road intersection where you turn and proceed down the gravel road about 11 kms.

Article Source : http://phangnga.sawadee.com/attractions3.htm

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