Rayong Hotels- quintessence of style and sophistication

Rayong, once a drowsy town has magically transformed itself into one of the blooming tourist destinations. Connected with the Gulf of Thailand, this conglomeration of 10 islands is an upcoming tourist hub in the South East Asia. Marvel at the beauty of the odd shaped rocks, the islands and the marine resources and gaze at the beauty of the rippling waters and the rising sun.

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts from all across the world come to this town for self- indulgence. Be a part of the Rayong Fruit Festival when the town produces the highest count of fruits. Enjoy all these and a lot more while you spend days of comfort in the Rayong Hotels.

Most of the hotels in Rayong are located in the beach areas. Some of the most renowned hotels in Rayong are Baan Pae Cabana, Hinsuai-Namsai Resort Hotel, P.M.Y. Beach Resort, Purimas Beach Hotel, Star Hotel and others. Stay in the hotel and explore the pristine beaches during your leisure.

Lay back in the sun soaked beaches or captivate the beauty of the scenic waterfall in your camera. Travelers can hire a room that offers excellent view of the crystal clear waters, the blue skies and the palm fringed coastlines.

Apart from the budget hotels in the town, there are several luxurious accommodation options to choose from. Be it your business trip or your honeymoon, the hotels in the town are there to satisfy your needs. Most of the hotels and the resorts are well connected and are easily accessible from any part of the world.

Most of the Rayong Hotels in Thailand offer well appointed rooms and suites. There are a variety of rooms to choose from. While professionals can choose from the executive rooms or suites, physically challenged individuals can board the disabled rooms.

The rooms of the hotel feature a number of basic amenities that are a must. Feel pampered while availing the room service that is offered to bring a smile on your face.

Rayong is renowned for seafood delicacies. Lovely preparations made from sea food and tropical fruits top the list of favorites. Enjoy all these and a lot more in the on-site restaurants of the hotel.

There are many hotels that also care for the drinking needs of the travelers. There are bars that serve guests with a variety of drinks. The business facilities and the recreational amenities offered to the guests also include a number of other amenities.

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Mae Hong Son Hotels: A treat for the guests

Thailand has always been an eye-candy for the travelers all over the world. Apart from the beaches and islands, beauty of the small towns of Thailand has also fascinated the travelers. Mae Hong Son is one among them which has drawn the attention of the real nature lovers. This small town in Northern Thailand shares the border with Myanmar. The presence of a satisfying range of Mae Hong Son hotels tempts the visitors to have an extended stay.

Mae Hong Son Hotels are scattered all over the town. Whether you are planning to stay near the city center or the riverside, you always have plenty of option to choose from. Since the town is frequently visited by different category of travelers, you can find both the luxury and budget hotels in Mae Hong Son.


For those eager to stay in a luxurious hotel of Mae Hong Son can select from a number of 4-star hotels near the city center like, Golden Pai & Suite Resort, Imperial Tara Hotel and Rooks Holiday Hotel. If you are looking for some more luxury hotels you can come to Pai, a small town between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. Belle Villa Hotel, Muang Pai Resort and Phu Pai Art Resort are among the popular luxury hotels.

These luxury hotels pamper you with their host of modern facilities and amenities. The exclusivity of the guestrooms and perfection in business and other facilities make you feel relaxed. The guests get the privilege of venturing out on an organized trip to Phasua Waterfall National Park, the Fish Cave near the village of Huay Pha and Pha Sua waterfall.

Like other 3-star hotels in Thailand there are some mid-range hotels in Mae Hong Son. To suit the taste and needs of the travelers various Mae Hong Son hotels have been developed which are little less than luxurious. Some of the popular Mae Hong Son hotels like, Riverhouse Resort and Riverside Hotel are very close to the river.

Pura Vida Resort and Baan Krating Pai Hotel are among the other mid-range hotels which has a satisfying range of facilities to please the guests. Staying in any of these Mae Hong Son hotels offer you the scope to go for trekking in the surrounding mountains, arranged by the hotel staff.

There is no dearth of budget hotels in Mae Hong Son, especially near the city center. Mountain Inn & Resort and Fern Resort are the well-maintained economy class Mae Hong Son hotels which meet the needs of the budget travelers. Transportation around the town is not a problem as you can always hire a private tuk-tuk or opt for a horse cart ride to reach any of the hotels.

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Chiang Mai Hotels - Rose of the Northern Thailand

The beautiful city of Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand is surrounded by mountains and lush green countryside area. As per its mesmerizing beauty and wonderful location the city is often called as, "Rose of the North". As the fifth-largest city of Thailand, Chiang Mai is much greener and composed in comparison to other centers of the country that even includes capital city Bangkok.

Being the core of Northern Thailand, this city is swarmed by countless number of visitors every year. It offers magnificent attractions to visitors which leave them spell-bound. With good hospitality services offered by Chiang Mai Hotels like D2 hotel, Veranda hotel, and the Holiday Inn, tourists experience pleasant visit to the city. So, splendid locations with good accommodation facilities, Chiang Mai offer an amusing retreat to the tourists.

Chiang Mai has gained a splendor image and is a storehouse of wonderful locations like museums, temples, hot springs, waterfalls, shopping areas and other attractions. These spots provide opportunity to tourists to come and experience the world which is entirely different. Chiang Mai hotels are located at convenient areas, around all the major attractions which allow tourists to visit them easily without any hassle.

After visiting the vivacious locations tourist doesn't leave the city without appreciating its compelling beauty. Some of the major attractions of Chiang Mai are Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chet Yot, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Tha Ton, Wat Lok Moli, Chiang Mai National Museum, Hilltribe Museum, Khruba Siwichai Monument, Bhubing Palace, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Taeng Dao Elephant Camp, Twin Royal Pagodas, Mae Klang Waterfall, Mae Sa Waterfall, Mae Ya Waterfall, Fang Hot Springs, San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Doi Inthanon National Park, Doi Suthep & Doi Pui National Park, Doi Tao Lake, Night Bazaar, Muang Kung Earthenware Village, Ban Thawai Woodcarving Village, Ban Rai Phai Ngam Cotton Weaving Village, Bo Sang Umbrella Village and San Kamphaeng Cotton & Silk Weaving Village.

Chiang Mai also hosts various colourful festivals like Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, Flower Festival, Chiang Mai Art & Culture Festival, Songkran Festival and Lantern Festival & Loi Krathong Festival. These festivals taking place in different months of the year are held in their own unique way. Visitors are highly fascinated by these festivals which attract them to participate.

With the beauty of culture in Chiang Mai, you will also find here the opportunity to try hand at adventurous activities like trekking, elephant riding, bungee jumping, rafting, cruising, mountain biking, golfing, swimming and tennis.

While enjoying all these things, you can avail the good hospitality services offered by Chiang Mai Hotels, which are available in each and every range. Moderate, budget and luxury hotels in Chiang Mai allow the tourists to choose a hotel of their choice according to their need and budget. Good facilities are provided by these hotels which make tourists feel like home and have a wonderful journey.

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Some Guides About Travelling To Thailand

Occupying an area of more than 500,000 square kilometers, Thailand has been geographically classified into four different regions such as the mountainous North, the fertile Central Plains, the semi-arid plateau of the Northeast, and the peninsula south. Likewise, by region wise, the country is divided into six distinct areas such as the Central Thailand, North Thailand, North East Thailand, South Thailand, South East Thailand, and West Thailand.

Each of these areas comes with a host of mind boggling attractions. Located on the central plains of the Chao Phraya River as well as the Meklong River Valley, Central Thailand is sometimes acknowledged as 'the Rice Bowl of the Country,' since it is the most fertile region in the country. As a tourist spot, this area contains a host of attractions that are of historical significance.

Central region of the country is dominated by Bangkok, with its mind blowing palaces, beautiful wats, hundreds of museums, and expansive shopping areas. Highlights of this region also cover Ayutthaya, which once served as the capital of the country, and now featuring attractions such as the Bang Sai Royal Arts and Crafts Center with traditional Thai handicraft items, Bang Pa In Summer Palace, and Ayutthaya Town; Saraburi, whose focal point is the Phra Buddha Bat Woramahavihan Temple with a rock that is believed to have the Buddha's footprint; Lopburi, which was an important settlement during the reign of the Khmer empire in the tenth century.

Suphanburi, boasting of one of the oldest national parks in the park, namely, the Khao Yai National Park; Nakorn Pathom, with attractions such as Phra Pathom Chedi - the largest of its kind in the world, and Floating Market; Kanchanaburi, which is home to Death Railway, Raft Trips and Houseboats, and Three Pagodas Pass; Petchaburi, with landmarks like Phra Nakorn Khiri, Khao Luang Caves, and Cha Am; Prachuap Khiri Khan, whose prime attractions are Hua Hin - a beachside resort, and Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park - one of the most enchanting parks in the nation.

North Thailand is regarded as the country's cultural heart. Among the points of interest in this area are Chiang Rai, with attractions such as Chiang Saen, a fourteenth century town, and Mai Sai, which is on the Burmese border; Kamphaeng Phet, whose centerpiece is the Old City that dates back to the time of the kingdom of Sukhothai during the 13th century; Lamphun, with a highly revered shrine, namely, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai; Sukhothai, which is homes to attractions such as Sukhothai Historical Park and Sri Satchanalai with an incredible elephant temple.

When comes to the Southern Thailand, this area is bestowed with some magnificent as well as excellent beach resorts of international standards. Perhaps the greatest of all beach resorts in the region is Phuket, with an international airport and more than half dozen beaches.

Popular destinations in Southern Thailand also include Samui Island, whose highlights, among many others, are Grandfather and Grandmother Stones and Angthong National Marine Park; Krabi, which is much favored for its breathtaking landscape consisting of dazzling white sandy beaches, magnificent coves and bays, and fantastic limestone cliffs; and Phi Phi Islands.

Other places of interest in Southern Thailand are hot springs that are found nearby Ranong town, and Victoria Point, where you can spot a number of casino centers.

Above all, Thailand provides tourists visiting the country with a continuum of facilities in order to indulge in an array of activities such as hiking, trekking, sightseeing, swimming, rafting, deep sea fishing, and much more. In order to cater to the growing number of tourists in the country, Thailand comes with a number of accommodation options from upscale hotels to apartments and villas that are mostly replete with facilities that a world-class resort renders.

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Shooting films in Thailand-Patong Beach

Shot in Thailand

Thailand today still remains a popular place to film movies. The main reason being that a lot of story lines involve Thailand and the Thai people-indeed a lot of story lines involve Thailand simply because she is one of the few countries in the world that hasn't been spoilt by colonization, globalization-a country that still holds a certain mystique and spiritual treasure.

Shooting in Thailand started almost a century ago when the first movie called Chang was filmed. From then on the likes of Bruce Lee in Big Boss, James Bond (Roger Moore) in Man with the Golden Gun to mention a few have graced the Thai shores.

Off-set gossip

Getting "extra" work on some of these movies was not so difficult either. Back in the 90s when Michael J.fox and Sean Penn were filming Casualties of War, a good friend of mine managed to get the job as Michael's stand-in. He spoke English and was short enough which was all that was required.

The gossip here was that all three spent a lot of time off the set or in the hotel drinking and smoking some of the locally brewed vegetation! Watch the movie again sometime and see if you can spot the highs! For this job food and accommodation was laid on at the Idyllic havens of Patong beach and other regions of Phuket.

Rambo III was another story-a backpacker in the hotel I stayed in at the time was refused extra work on this set just because he was taller and better looking than Rambo, not too difficult perhaps. Meanwhile Hugh Grant in a Bridget Jones sequel was said to have been chased back to his hotel by bar girls-this is entirely untrue. He was the one who did the chasing... DiCaprio's Beach on the other hand drew some controversy for another reason.

Apparently Fox Studios had decided in their infinite wisdom to re-design the beach at Phi Phi to their own natural Thai image. Environmentalists ran amok- as indeed they were entitled to-and tried to have production suspended. Compensation was paid, the movie went ahead and restoration of the area was conducted. It may be interesting to note that according to the Lonely Planets' guide to the area, the beach was much improved by effects of the 2004 tsunami.

Thai Style

Of course plenty of Thai movies are also being shot all over Thailand and some require western extras to help out. If interested, you may want to ask some staff at the accommodation you are staying at-they would be able to inform you of which and where the latest movie is being shot.

You may want to watch the shooting or even earn a little extra cash by taking part! Patong Beach in Phuket has been the scene of many and various movie sets. Accommodation is plentiful in the area and the natural beauty of its palm fringed beaches and its hidden coves would add to the enhancement of any movie.


When thinking of accommodation in the Patong area. Horizon Patong Beach Resort and Spa comes to mind. This idyllic haven nestled near to the beautiful Patong west-beach offers a choice of 160 rooms, two swimming pools and a fitness club. Tropical botanical gardens that surround the hotel offer a taste of paradise and tranquillity. Surely a fitting movie set where the guests are the stars and the staff are surely the extras.

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