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Hua Hin is a district in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province located 295 kilometers south of Bangkok and 90 kilometers from the provincial capital. It boasts a large market, and is full of food and souvenir shops as well as hotels. Beaches are located in the east of the province, and the main pier is on Highway No.4 at km.232. The beach at Hua Hin is 5 kilometers long, and full of white sand and clear water, ideal for swimming.

While Cha-am is a district in Phetchaburi, Cha-am Beach is beautiful as neighboring Hua Hin Beach. Located approximately 163 kilometers from Bangkok, 40 kilometers south of Phetchaburi and 20 north of Hua Hin.

And Pranburi located some 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin. There are several beach resorts in peaceful atmosphere.

Located on the sunrise side of the Gulf of Thailand, Cha-am and Hua Hin are quiet relaxed coastal towns, perfect for family vacations. In contrast to Pattaya, across the Gulf, these sister resorts lack the bustle of an international playground and instead afford a quiet escape.

Hua Hin
Both resorts boast long uncluttered beaches, while Hua Hin, larger than Cha-am, has the added attraction of a traditional fishing port. Neither place attempts to imitate the international scene and are content with an enduring Thai identity. Hua Hin, incidentally, is Thailand’s oldest beach resort, enjoying a vogue among Thai royalty and aristocracy since the 1920s.

The main joys of both resorts are a peaceful time lazing on the beach soaking up the tropical sunshine, the fun of a variety of water sports and a delight in relishing some excel­lent seafood dining.

When to visit - Where to stay
Hua Hin is an enjoyable holiday destination all year round, although 1 period from November to April is marked with high winds and big waves. A wide range of accommodation is offered, from small guest houses to luxurious resort. See more information to Climate & Weather.

Due to its popularity as a vacation spot, Hua Hin offers all sorts of souvenir items, from dolls, ornaments, a decorations crafted from sea shells and coconuts, to Kommapat woven clothe pineapple products, dried fruits, and aloe vera.

Local Products
In addition to plenty of dried seafood, Prachuap Khiri Khan offers various food products made from pineapples, coconuts, bananas and aloe vera. Typical “Khomaphat” printed cotton is a famous souvenir available at Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin Railway Station Built in the reign of King Rama VI, this is one of Thailand’s most beautiful train stations of which the local people are very proud.

Klai Kangwon Palace
King Rama VII commanded this summer palace to be built in the year 1926 to the north of Hua Hin. The palace consists of 3 Spanish style mansions facing the sea.
It is open to the public daily from 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Khao Takiap
This hill is only 4 kms. south of Hua Hin. There is a road leading to the top where a temple is situated. The nearby Khao Takiap beach offers mostly bungalow accommodation. To get to this beach, visitors may take a local minibus from Hua Hin.

Khao Krailat
The temple of the Thamayut sect houses an impressive collection of religious art. To get there, take the bus from the Dechanuchit Road station which departs every 20 minutes from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. The fee is 5 Baht.

Khao Tao
Khao Taois 1 3 kilometers south of Hua Hin, and can be reached by the Hua Hin-Pranburi bus, disembarking at the Khao Tao intersection. Motorcycle services to Hat Khao Tao are also available. Next to the hill is two quiet beaches called Hat Sai Noi and Hat Sai Yai, which are the locations for some bungalows and fishing villages.

Suan Son Pradiphat or Sea Pine Tree Garden
This beachside area belongs to the Army Welfare Office and is open to the public. It is at Km. 241, some 8 km. south of Hua Hin. Accommodation is available.

Ko Singto
800 meters off Suan Son beach, is popular for fishing, sailing and diving. Boat rentals can be made at Khao Takiep village. Another peaceful spot is Suan Son Pradiphat beach 9 kilometers south of Hua Hin, where the fine white beach is lined with bungalows and food shops. Buses to this area depart from Dechanuchit Road station every 20 minutes. The fee is 5 Baht.

Namtok Pa La-U
63 kilometers from Hua Hin along Highway 3219, can be reached by songtaeo at about 800 Baht for a round trip. Spending a night there requires permission from the Pa Huai Pa Lao Sanctuary Office of Kaeng Krachan National Park or at the Forestry Department. This waterfall is located within a yearlong verdant forest where various kinds of birds and butterflies are found, especially in the morning. It is composed of 11 tiers of rocks, some of which can be reached along a trekking trail parallel to the stream.

Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Centre
This is located on Naepkhehat Road in Hua Hin. There is an old typical house, more than 80 years old. It has a collection and exhibition of many contemporary works of Thai artists, as well as old furniture and many pictures about Hua Hin in the past.

Sam Roi Yot National Park
Sam Roi Yot National Park This park is located 63 km south of Hua Hin. It occupies an area of 98 square kilometers with undulating ranges of limestone mountains, mangrove swamps, and beaches. It is also home to various kinds of local and migrating birds, which are plentiful from November to February.
With a large number of ridges, Khao Sam Roi Yot (or the mountain of 300 peaks) stands as a landmark for seamen and also provides a good shelter for ships during a storm.
To get to the park, follow the direction signs marking the remaining distances of 38 and 15 km. at Km. 256 and Km.286.5, respectively.

Attractions within the park

Hal Sam Phraya,
located 3.5 km north of the park office, is a beautiful beach lined with pine trees. Accommodation is available.

Tham Kaeo
is situated some 23 km. from Pran Buri or 15 km north of the park office. This cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites. Oil lamps can be rented at a nearby village for exploring the cave.

Tham Sai,
is 9 km north of the park office. Exploration inside the cave takes about half an hour. Oil lamps can be rented at nearby Khung Tanot Village.

Hat Laem Sala
Hat Laem Sala is located 16 km north of the park office. It can be reached by boat or walking across a hill from Bang Pu Village. Walking up a beachside mountain for a while, visitors will arrive at a famous cave called “Tham Phraya Nakhon”. The cave has a big hole through which a shaft of light reaches and permits the growth of various kinds of plants. Phra Thi Nang Khuha Kharuhat. a Thai style pavilion, lends the most attractive sight to the cave and has become the symbol of Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is a four-porched building first constructed in Bangkok in 1890 during the reign of King Rama V, then dismantled and moved to the cave where it was reconstructed, Its gable tops were raised by the King himself.

In addition, there is a viewpoint on Khao Daeng, 400 meters from the park office and Ban Khao Daeng , a canal-side village, which is the starting point for a boat trip to watch wild birds.

Khao Chong Krachok
This hill is located in the north of Prachuap Khiri Khan. From the foot of the hill, up 395 steps, sits a much revered monastery. The stupa here contains the relic of Lord Buddha. The hill also offers a spectacular view of the town and the southern seacoast.

Ao Manao
This beautiful curved bay is under the care of the Royal Thai Air force. It is some 5 km south of the town. This area used to be a battlefield between the Thai and Japanese armies during Second World War. Accommodation should be reserved in advanced at the 53rd Squadron, Tel: (032) 611017, 611031 ext.2146.

Wa Ko
This locality has had historical importance since the reign of King Rama IV. The King made a trip to Wa Ko to witness the full moon eclipse. A long white sandy beach lined with pine trees offers a pleasant atmosphere. It is located at Km. 335 of Highway No. 4,12 km south from the town.

Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park
This is located to the west of the town. Travel along Highway No. 4 till Km. 331-332, then turn right and drive for another 8 km. Among large stones placed by nature in the area, there are narrow walks leading to wide rocky fields on the mountain top overlooking the view of the city and the sea.

Dan Singkhon
This Myanmar-Thailand border pass is located in Tambon Khiong Wan, 4 km from Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park. It used to be a strategic line for military movement in the past.

Hat Wanakon National Park
This park is 22 km south of Prachuap Khiri Khan. and another 3.5 km on an access road. It offers a 7-km. long beach lined with sea pine trees. For accommodation, contact the Faculty of Forest Affairs, Kasetsart University, Tel: 579-0520.

Namtok Huai Yang National Park
This park covers a forested area on the Tanaosi Mountain Range. Follow a sign at Km. 351 of Highway No. 4 and drive along a 7-km. access road to the park office. Namtok Huai Yang near the park office is its main attraction. The waterfall is composed of 5 small cascades situated among recreational surroundings.

Ao Mae Ramphung
This is a scenic bay in Amphoe Bang Saphan. Travel about 75 km south of Phrachuap Khiri Khan to Km. 399, turn left and continue for another 17 km via Bang Saphan Market. Accommodation and seafood restaurants are available.

Ao Bo Thonglang
This is located 4 km beyond Ao Mae Ramphung along a beach road. There is a clean and white sandy beach suitable for swimming.

Ko Thalu, Ko Sang, and Ko Sing
These three islands suitable for fishing can be reached within 20 minutes by boat from Ban Pak Khiong, 3 km east of Bang Saphan.


Hat Hua Hin (ชายหาดหัวหิน) Hua Hin Beach extends some three kilometers southwards from a rocky headland until a southern headland where a Buddhist temple clings to the cliffs.

Hua Hin Railway Station (สถานีรถไฟหัวหิน) This is Thailand's most beautiful train station. The wooden building used to be a royal pavilion in Sanamchan Palace, Nakhon Pathom province. It was rebuilt at Hua Hin in 1968.

Nightly Street Market (ตลาดโต้รุ่งหัวหิน) a popular shopping market allowing people the opportunity for shopping, native-style seafood cooked on the spot and to witness local people’s lifestyle.

Khao Takiap (เขาตะเกียบ) This hill, 4 kilometers from Hua Hin town, supports Buddhist temples and offers a commanding view of the resort, particularly early in the morning.

Khao Hin Lek Fai (เขาหินเหล็กไฟ) Situated 3 kilometers west of Hua Hin district, Khao Hin Lek Fai or Flint Mountain is 162 meters high. On the mountaintop, there is a public park and scenic spots from where the scenery of Hua Hin and its surrounding area is visible.

Khao Tao (เขาเต่า) 13 kilometers south of Hua Hin, there is a 1- kilometer branch road on the left which leads to the spot with two beaches called Hat Sai Noi and Hat Sai Yai.

Namtok Pa La-u (น้ำตกป่าละอู) This 11-tier scenic waterfall, some 60 kilometres west of Hua Hin, is located within a yearlong verdant forest where various kinds of birds and butterflies are found, especially in the morning.

Spirit Houses of Brassiere Beach were, according to legend, built to appease the spirit of a fisherman’s daughter who was once torn to pieces and her breasts fell into the sea. She was killed because she was desired by too many men. Until this day, the locals still hang brassieres to the spirit houses, but now they just pray for good luck.

Wat Huay Mongkol was home to the immensely popular monk Luang Phor Thuat was famed for his ‘miracles’. Commissioned by the Queen of Thailand, Wat Huay Mongkol houses the largest statue of Luang Phor Thuat in Thailand in a park-like setting. 10. Suan Son Pradiphat Beach, 8 km south of Hua Hin, is a peaceful location which is owned by the Army Welfare Office.


Popular activities in Hua Hin include: fishing, eco-cruising, kite-boarding, fitness, martial arts, elephant camping, Thai massage, spa, cooking courses, trekking, walking, cycling, diving, snorkeling, creative arts, water sports, pony-riding and golf.

Some foreign tourists go to Hua Hin and learn something like Thai cooking or Thai boxing.


Hua Hin is a popular place for shopping including contemporary art handicrafts, hand-woven printed cotton, silk fabric silk weaving, embroidery, basket making, pottery, wood carving, gemstones and jewelry (including sapphires and rubies).

Local Products

Hua Hin’s most famous local product is Khommaphat printed cotton which can be made into shirts, handkerchiefs, wraps, even elephants or fish, as well as decorative pieces such as pillows, bags and fans. Other local products include hand-woven cotton and a traditional Hua Hin-style duster.


Scattered around the town in small clusters are foreign-orientated beer bars. There are also the usual discotheques, karaoke bars, live music venues, hotel bars and even a lady-boy cabaret (known locally as Super Joes).

Events & Festivals

Hua Hin has three important events; they are:

Thailand’s International Kite Festival is during March, April and May and features stunt kites, big kites, little kites, high tech kites, traditional Thai kites, and displays of international kites.

Hua Hin Jazz Festival June is the time of the year when 'jazz on the beach' happens at the annual Hua Hin Jazz Festival. The popular event attracts world class jazz musicians from Thailand and all over the world.

Hua Hin Vintage Car Rally Hoteliers, the Vintage Car Club of Thailand, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand annually sponsor a 'parade' of vintage and classic cars starting at the Sofitel Central in Bangkok and ending in at the Sofitel Central Hua Hin Resort. The cars, with drivers and passengers decked out in 1920's attire, make the 225km promenade in December of each year. The festivities culminate with a 1920's party at the Sofitel, which appropriately is a Victorian-style structure built in the 1920's.

Local Food

There area lot of decent eateries in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is famed for its fresh seafood which is in abundance at the Night Market, restaurants and hotel restaurants. Naresdamri Road is a favoured place due its inexpensive restaurants while serving up romantic sea-views. This area is the site of the Hua Hin Fishing Harbour and in the early morning, fresh-out-of-the-water seafood can be snapped up.

Medical Health Care

Hua Hin has a lot of medical centers but the main medical facilities provided are at:

* San Paulo Hospital
* Hua Hin Hospital
* Hua Hin International Polyclinic

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