Surin Island


Moo 5, Tambon Krahpratong, Kuraburi, Phangnha Province


There are two ways of transportation for this trip. The first route to Phangnha is started by motorway no. 4 which is passed from Bangkok to Prajuabkirikhun, then passes to Choomporn and also Ranong. After that, it will arrive at the entrance to Phangnha. This trip will take about 12 hours and 788 kilometers for traveling.

The second route to Phangnha is also begun from motorway no. 4 at Bangkok, then go through this motorway until arriving at Choomporn. From this point, the route is changed to motorway no. 41, keeps going on this motorway until arriving at Tachang city. At Tachang, the route is changed to motorway no.401 by turn right at intersection, using motorway no. 401 for approximately 50 kilometers until arriving at Baantakhun city. After that, the route is changed to motorway no.415, driving through this motorway for 30 kilometers and turns right to the main city of Phangnha.

Nevertheless, if tourist comes from Phuket, it is recommended to use motorway no. 402 which will pass the Sarasin Bridge and Baankokloy city, then turn right to Tagua Toong. It should take about 1 and half hour for traveling from Phuket to Phangnga.

*** The transportation by bus from Bangkok to Phangnha is available everyday while the started point of bus station is on Baromrachinee Rd. For more information, please contact (02) 4351195, 4345557.

*** If tourists are interested to traveling by plane, it is also available by the route from Bangkok to Phuket. Then, tourists can take local bus to enter to Phangnha city which it takes about 58 kilometers from Phuket airport. For more information, please contact (02) 2800060.

*** Moreover, tourists can travel by train which its route begins from Bangkok to Suraththani and take local bus about 2 hours from Surathtani train station to Phangnha. For more information, please contact (02) 2237010, 2237020.

*** In case that tourists are traveling by group style, traveling by renting boat is available. The boat renting shop is on Kuraburi Harbor. It will take about 4 hours and 60 kilometers for traveling by waterway. The renting cost is approximately 1,200 THBAHT for the round trip. On the other hand, Junsomtara Hotel at Ranong also provides the transportation service and tour for tourists to travel to Surin Island.


Surin Island National Park is found to be settled near the sea whereas its location is in Phangnha province boundary and its area is about 33,750 acres. Surin Island Park has been announced to be Thai National Park since 9 July 1981. However, Surin Island is composed by five small islands: North Surin Island, South Surin Island, Ree Island, Klang Island, and Kai Island.

The condition of forest at Surin Island is referred to be a virgin forest which consists of the Malabar almond tree, and Portia tree. Around the shore at the North Surin Island, the forest is composed of the Mangrove tree. It is noticed that the forest at this national park is significant fertile so that many wild animals especially birds are found in this forest.

Apart of diving to see beautiful corals under Undaman Sea, bush walking and bird sightseeing are also the interesting activities that tourists should not miss. According to the survey of animal and natural organization, it is found that there are more than 90 species of birds at Surin Island National Park. For instance, these birds are Hill Myna, Pied Imperial Pigeon, and Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. In this national park, there is Nicobar Piegon which is very difficult to discover. Nicobar Pigeon always looks for its food in the soil in the morning. Furthermore, in the morning, a group of Sterna sumatrana will come along the hill rock at the coast and Brahminy Kite will fly in order to catch fishes for themselves.

At the south of Surin Island, it is Similan Island which is awarded from Skin-Diving Magazine of USA that it is one of the top ten of the most beautiful island (on and under water) in the world. Therefore, once tourists have come to Surin Island, they also travel to Similan Island in that the distance between these two islands is not long.

The best period to visit these two islands should range from the end of December to the mid of April because in this period, the weather is good and the sky and river are clearly seen. Moreover, tourists are not needed to be anxious about the storms.

*** For more information about accommodation on the Surin Island National Park, please contact the office at (076) 491378

Thai Source by Mr. Kumpon Sukumarin from Tourism Authority of Thailand Magazine on 9 April 2000
Translation by Mathrurote Poondee

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