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Nature beauty

Northern Thailand is characterized largely by forested mountains, where working elephants are still used in forest management. This mountainous region is home to Thailand's many colorful hilltribe people, and trekking and river rafting enable adventurous exploration of this beautiful area. Chiang Mai is the principal northern city and is a good base from which to explore the surrounding countryside.

Doi Inthanon National Park : The 1,005 - square - kilometer park covers Thailand's highest mountain (2,565 meters). The lovely Wachirathan, Siriphum and Mae Pan waterfalls share the mountain with Meo and Karen hilltribe settlements. Forest above 1,800 meters is covered with lichens and wild orchids.

Mae Klang Waterfall : Chiang Mai's most photographed waterfall lies some 58 kilometers west of the city at the foot of Doi Inthanon Mountain, and provides a picturesque setting for picnics and relaxation.

Borichinda Cave : Visiting the cave, which provides a pleasant setting for picnics, entails a 10-minute drive and a walk of some 2 hours from the Mae Klang Waterfall.

Mae Ya Waterfall : This is located 12 kilometers from Chom Thong market and is best visited by local mini-bus.

Ob Luang Gorge : This picturesque gorge is 88 kilometers from Chiang Mai provincial capital, and is framed by teak forests and mountains.

National Parks : Increasing numbers of visitors now come to Chiang Mai in search of the natural environment preserved a famous national parks. Famous national park in Chiang Mai is Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. In most cases, you will find easy access and bungalow accommodation for overnight stays.

Elephant Nature Foundation : A unique experience for any visitor to Southeast Asia, Elephant Nature Park allows people to see elephants as elephants should be seen: living their lives peacefully, frolicking when the moment strikes them, and trumpeting to one another throughout the day and night. Read more

Festivals and event

Bo Sang Umbrella Fair & San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Festival
Bo Sang Village, Chiang Mai
Almost everyone in the small village of Bo Sang, near Chiang Mai derives a livelihood from making gaily painted paper umbrellas. This fair, held on the main street celebrates their traditional skill and features contests, exhibitions, stalls selling umbrellas and other handicrafts, and procession decorated by umbrellas and cycling ladies with umbrellas.

Bo Sang Umbrella FairSan Kamphaeng Handicrafts Festival

Tawai Village Wood Carving Fair
Tawai Village, Chiang Mai
This fair features demonstration, contests and sales of wood carvings and local handicrafts. Products can be made within the fair. And includes local folk performances and a procession highlight on the entire range of popular northern Thai wood crafts. Hosted by the Tawai village, Hang Dong district.


Flower Carniva Flower Carniva
Buak Hat Park, Chaing Mai
A festival centered around flowers. Features a parade with beautiful flower floats, a beauty contest, flower displays. and judging, gardening techniques, and flowers for sale. Takes place throughout the main city streets and at Buak Hard Park.

Makha Buccha Day
An important Buddhist holiday honoring the event when 1,250 of Buddha's disciples congregated without previous agreement. Buddha gave an important sermon at this event. Buddhists carry flowers, lighted candles, and joss sticks while walking around a Chedi at the temple three times under the full moon.


Chaing Mai Songkran And Lannathai Festival
Tha Pae Gate and citywide, Chiang Mai
Traditionally the Thai New Year, this festival is celebrated by making merit, constructing sand chedis, and pouring lustral water over respected elders and Buddha images. As the years went by, it became a part of tradition to splash water on one and all. It is a city-wide festival, and one of the most popular in Chiang Mai, so expect to have a good time and get wet!

Chaing Mai Songkran And Lannathai Festival

Chaing Mai Great Arts And Culture Festival
Tha Dton Payom Market on Suthep Road, Chiang Mai
The Chiang Mai Great Arts and Culture Festival will be held from April 2 - 6. The objectives are to promote the image of Chiang Mai as an important center of art and culture, and to stimulate the preservation of local arts and the cultural heritage for future generations.

The Chiang Mai Great Arts and Culture Festival gathers at one time and at the same location a variety of important activities relating to Thai culture. The activities include. April 2-6. A festival of outdoor music will be held at Three Kings Monument. Open to the public.

April 3-6. A fair to promote Lanna arts and culture at the open space opposite the Dton Payom Market on Suthep Road. There will be demonstrations of the various activities of the original lifestyle of the Lanna people. Stalls will sell various items significant to the local culture highlighting. Northern cuisine. Daily useful implements will be on exhibit.

Suthep Temple Visakha Bucha
A Buddhist holiday, in commemoration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Chiang Mai Buddhists walk up to Suthep Temple at night to make merit.

Intakin Festival Intakin Festival
Held at the Chedi Luang Temple, it lasts a week and is used to ask for peace and for rain to fall during the right seasons. The temple holds the city pillar which traditionally marks the center of a town.

Asalha Puja Asalha Puja
Commenorates the first time that Buddha, his teachings, and his disciples were present. According to Buddhism, all three are needed for wholeness. On this day, Buddhists make merit at temples and sermons are preached.

H.M. The Queen's Birthday Celebrations
August 12, Nationwide

Sept - Oct.
A festival special to North, it involves making merit by taking necessities to temples without designating which monk is to receive them. This festival varies slightly from place to place.

Auk Pansa Auk Pansa
The end of the three month period when monks are not permitted to traval. An important merit making ceremony is held at Chiang Mai University, where monks from several different temples are asked to receive contributions of rice and dry food.

Loy Krathong or Yi Peng Loy Krathong or Yi Peng
An important Thai festival, it is a way of paying respect to the goddess of the river for the water that was provided, and to repent for dirtying the river under the full moon, creating a beautiful sight. In addition, there are float contests, boat races, and a beauty contest. Lanterns similar to balloons are also lighted and sent drifting up into the sky.


H.M. The King's Birthday Celebrations H.M. The King's Birthday Celebrations

Chiang Mai Food Festival
The Pae Gate, Chiang Mai
A dishes, the n annual festival of Chiang Mai's great demonstrations on fruit carving and ancient Thai desserts, and beauty Lanna culture shows. Good food selling at a cheap price.

Chiang Mai Winter Fair
Annual festival held at the Chiang Mai Government Center. Featuring a variety of products for sale, especially handicrafts show a beauty contest and games. Comes alive at night.

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