Choosing Your Thailand Hotel

It may seem bewildering with all the choice when you start looking to book your Thailand hotel, but there are few tips which can save you a lot of time...

Thailand is massively popular with tourists, and the reason for that is simple, it's a country blessed with a range of different appeals, from the skyscrapers to museums, to beach fronts.

When you start to choose your hotel for your stay, the first choice is to decide what kind of holiday you are after.

You may want a luxury stay, so that you can enjoy the metropolitan side of Thailand.

Or you may prefer a more open beach type hotel, as free and easy a lifestyle as possible.

You may want to go for the backpacker type venue, where you literally just want a bed for the night, and you aren't too fussed about where it is.

Maybe you want the type of hotel where you hardly ever leave the building!

As you can see, these choices alone will open up a vast array of hotels, so there is no need to look at those which don't fit the style of your stay.

Only focus on those that do, and once you've done that the next step is to choose which budget option you are going for.

Each different type of holiday will have hotels at the top end of the range, middle options and cheaper alternatives.

Again by making this decision before you start looking you will weed out a lot of choices which aren't suitable for you.

Another great tip is to use a website which has reviews.

There is nothing better than real life customer reviews to keep you informed, much better than the hotel's own publicity!

Even better if the site has the option, say of a forum, where you can discuss the options and hotels with people and get honest replies, good or bad.

So to sum up, decide what type of holiday you're after, what your hotel budget is, and then if you go to a site that has real life reviews, you'll be well on your way to finding your perfect Thailand hotel.

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