Living in Thailand - How to Know You've Been in the Land of Smiles For Too Long

Thailand is an amazing place to live. The friendly people, delicious food and beautiful scenery are just a few reasons to live here. However, the culture is very different from what most westerners are familiar with. Below is a list to help you determine if some of the more curious Thai cultural oddities have rubbed off on you.

You see an elephant in the street and don't think "Oh wow! An elephant!" but instead complain about how it's slowing down traffic.

You wake up in the morning with a hankering for rice and noodles, not eggs and toast.

You think that riding your motorcycle the wrong way down one-way streets, running red lights and riding on the wrong side of the road are perfectly normal.

You think that Singha and Chang are actually pretty decent beers.

You see a family of four and their dog riding together on a single motorcycle and you only wonder what they ate for dinner.

You wear sweaters and sweatshirts despite the steaming hot weather.

You are deeply concerned when your favorite rice dish goes up in price by $0.15 to a staggering $0.60.

The language actually starts to make a little sense.

You have no problems eating raw pig organs mixed with pig blood and spices.

10 year olds riding motorcycles in the streets do not faze you.

You think Sangsom and Mekong are actually pretty decent whiskeys.

You haven't cooked a meal in months, besides what can be made with a hot water maker.

You find that some of the Thai music is actually pretty decent.

Shaking somebody's hand feels weird.

You can ride a motorcycle with 10 grocery bags, a bookshelf and a hot pizza box strapped to it.

You ask for every meal extra spicy.

You put spicy fish sauce on everything.

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