Meditation And Yoga In Thailand

For many years I have had an aching back and neck, I tried various therapies but no avail the problem continued. I started to try Yoga and after a few years slowly my pain dissolved, I tried for 1 hour a week which seemed sufficient for a while until I went to live in Thailand I noticed that the island I had moved on had so much Yoga going on and the people that I were meeting were quite dedicated to yoga, some of them practicing every day, Truthfully I thought it to be a little extreme.. Anyway I was influenced to step up my once a week practice to 2 or 3 times per week and after 1 month of practicing 3 times per week I felt considerably more energy flowing through my body and I found that I could actually sit up straight for longer than 5 minutes without having pain in my lower back.

Additional to Yoga a big help was stepping up to a more healthy diet, again I was surrounded by health freaks in the town which made it easy for me to adjust which made a change from being around pot smokers all the time.

I went for an iridology exam and also a blood reading and both came out with similar results, they were saying that I have been eating the wrong foods for my blood type, which is A+, so0 I started adjusting my diet to the foods and drinks that resonate with my blood type and now I can say that I generally have more energy and awareness. It is amazing how a few adjustments can make a difference, but you will actually find yourself craving the very things that are not good for you, so when people advise you to eat what you like and transmute it I don’t believe that’s beneficial, when you do this you are succumbing to your cravings.

The most amazing practice I have come across is Sun Yoga, which was taught to us in a workshop in Thailand by an amazing Yogi named Uma Sankar, you can check his site at www.sunyoga.info.
He practices meditation by staring into the sun each day and claims that this fully nourishes oneself, he has not eaten or drank anything since 10 years, neither does he need sleep! When I have the chance I spend 30 minutes before sunset or after sunrise which is actually more beneficial as it is the fresh rising prana that you ingest.

Moving on from there another amazing practice is living on prana only, not even needing the sun, this practice was taught to us in Thailand to many of the Yoga students here by a lovely woman named Jasmuheen.
This involves slowly adjusting your diet to a raw food diet, then liquids only eventually moving onto prana. There are various meditations that are needed to re program the mind/body so that it does not have the need for food or drink anymore, such as visualizi8ng the kidneys being hydrated etc..

Yoga can be used for physical fitness or it can be used as a spiritual practice which aim is to unify all levels of being and connect with the divine.

Give it a try! And who knows you may move on to Sun Yoga or you may be inclined to live on prana and save the washing up!

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